Norwegian Seamen’s Church’s Shrimp Evening

For the first time, the Norgwegian Seamen’s Church held a Shrimp Evening. One of the regular visitors at the church, Børge Rolfsen, offered to ready and cook the shrimps for real Norwegian Shrimp Evening.

The Priest was not late to accept this offer. The one thing that made him doubt, though, was the fact that the shrimps would be Thai, not Norwegian. But they would be cooked in the Norwegian way, and after a tasting at Børges place, the event was ready to go.

Some 60 guests showed up for the night, and the Priests promise about serving shrimps as good as real Norwegian shrimps was held. His dignity was saved, although the sceptisism of serving Thai shrimps was big.

But all the 50 kilos of shrimp, Børge had cooked, was eaten during the evening. And Børge Rolfsen even revealed the secret behind getting Thai shrimps to taste like Norwegian.

A nice evening was completed by live music from three of the guests. The church seems pretty sure that this was not the last “Norwegian” Shrimp Evening in Pattaya.

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