Lowe Malaysia Now IKEA’s Regional Creative Agency

IKEA Singapore, the world’s favourite home furnishing store, has announced the appointment of Lowe and Partners Malaysia as its regional creative agency.  This follows the attention-getting, business-building work done by Lowe Malaysia over the past 6 years for IKEA’s Malaysian operations.

The Swedish home furnishing leader  has tasked Lowe Malaysia with developing common strategies and campaign work for IKEA Singapore in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, further consolidating Lowe’s presence on its business.

Lowe Malaysia first started work on IKEA Singapore in Malaysia in 2005, followed by its appointment on the Singapore business in October 2009.

The appointment now adds Thailand to the mix, as well as consolidates the work for a common cross-border approach. Lowe Malaysia’s regional work will start appearing post the store opening campaign. The Thai brief is especially significant, given IKEA Singapore’s impending entry into the Thai market in November 2011. The IKEA Thailand team will be developing this campaign locally.

Yap Poh Choo, Regional Marketing Communications Manager of IKEA Singapore said, “We have no reservations about enlarging our partnership with Lowe to include regional responsibility.  Lowe has consistently delivered where it matters most.  Over time, the depth of our relationship has resulted in a high level of trust, which is critical to fostering genuine strategic thinking, high value ideas and innovation – everything we need to strengthen brand equity whilst getting results that matter.”

Khairudin Rahim, Managing Director, Lowe and Partners Malaysia added, “We are humbled and thrilled at this new development! From doing Malaysia only work, Lowe has now graduated to partner with the IKEA Singapore Regional team. This is simply the best testimonial a satisfied client could ever give.  IKEA Singapore is crystal clear about what they’re about and their stimulating briefs inspire us to create strong, effective work.

“We have been able to perform and at times exceed expectations because of their people and approach, and we hope to continue this successful relationship for a very long time.”

He added that the Lowe–IKEA Singapore partnership has resulted in all stores consistently beating their dual targets of annual sales and store visitor growth.

IKEA Singapore entered the Singapore market in 1978, opening its second store in 2006. IKEA Singapore Malaysia opened in 1996. IKEA Singapore’s first store in Thailand is targeted to open on November 3, 2011 in Bangna, approximately 6 km from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.


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