Air Force Chief honoured RTAF 90 year jubilee

Air Force Inspector Maj Gen Jan Andersson, Chief of the Swedish Air Force, was the only European air force head to attend the RTAF, Royal Thai Air Force, 90-year jubilee held at 27th March.
     His trip was in response to the Thai colleague’s, ACM Kongsak Vantana, visit in Sweden August 2003.
     In his jubilee speech Maj Gen Andersson elaborated on the changes and modernisation of the Swedish air force to the FV2000-concept.
     Sweden’s air force chief did also attend the Asian Air Chief Conference, AACC, which was held simultaneously here between 26 and 31 March.
     Participants at AACC were air chiefs from Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.
     The only other air force outsider invited to AACC and the 90-year jubilee was US Air Force Gen William Berger, chief of the Pacific Air Force, Hawaii.
     Sweden and the US are main contenders for a coming military aircraft upgrade of the RTAF, in which Sweden is offering the JAS 39 Gripen system.

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