Priest Awarded Scandinavian Citizen of the Year

Norwegian Priest Jan Olav Johannessen and his wife Tone has been announced Scandinavian Citizen of the Year 2011. The announcement took place at the Annual Party of Scandinavian Expats Club on Saturday 5th February 2011. About 50 members participated in the meeting at Green tree restaurant in Pattaya.
Norwegian Priest Jan Olav Johannessen thanked the Scandinavian Expats Club for honorable award.
He continued talking about the activity at the Norwegian Church:
“We have more than 200 people who attend the Norwegian Rice Porridge on every Saturday. I believe there will be more people this year,” he said. “We appreciate that Scandinavians always support the activities by the Norwegian Church.”

President of Scandinavian Expats Club – John A. Haerum talked about the award “Previously we have only one award but this year is special that we give it to two persons because the priest and his wife both work so hard for Scandinavian community in Pattaya.”
“It has been 7 years since the Scandinavian Expats Club in Pattaya has been established. Most members are Norwegian and Swedish, less Danish. We have a few Finnish because I think their language is completely different to Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.” President John A. Haerum added.

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