A More Visible Scandinavian Society

Less than a week after his election, Bo Lundqvist – the new President of the Scandinavian Society Philippines – is now actively exploring ways to improve the SSP. One of first things on the Presidential to-do list will be to make SSP more visible.
New Scandinavians entering the Philippines should be able to immediately finds this community. The current membership base is app. 120 families.
“I am having a meeting this Monday with the Consulate General of Sweden to see if we come up with new ideas for our Society”, says Bo Lundqvist.
“I have just sent out an email to our members to get ideas to develop our Society”, says Lundqvist.
One of Bo Lundqvists own ideas is to create a special “Business Membership” of the SSP as there is currently no Scandinavian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines.
The new President will also like to tie up relationships with similar Scandinavian organizations in other Asian countries.
“I think it’s an honour and a privilege to be elected President of the Scandinavian Society Philippines. I hope to be able to build on the great work done by previous Presidents and Executive Committees, as well as countless volunteers, in providing Scandinavian ex-pats a flavour of home as well as a venue to socialize and tie relationships”, Bo Lundqvist says.

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