Dane’s Condition Improving

The injured Dane in Phuket, Johnny Boye Frendø, is recovering at the Vachira Phuket Hospital.

The 44 year-old Dane was hit by a car Friday 11 is getting better. Most of his internal bleeding has stopped and his hemoglobin level has risen from 20 to now 24 percent, but still not enough to make him independent of the respiratory machine to help him breathe. When the hemoglobin level is 30 percent, it will be safe to let him breathe by himself, according to a friend of the Dane.

The last couples of days donators have contributed with the blood type 0 negative and today three more people are expected at the hospital to give blood.

“It is great to know, that you have such dear friends,” says Johnny Boye Frendø in a text message.

Donators with blood type 0 negative are still needed at the Vachira Phuket Hospital.
Event though Johnny Boye Frendø is so injured that he will be hospitalized for another month he is in good spirit, one of his closest friend tells to Scandasia.

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