Surveillance Photos Gives Alibi

Reporting on the case the Norwegian online newspaper, VG Nett tells that surveillance photos from The Hotel Waterfront shows Sven-Erik Berger and his fiancee Karen Castro Esdrelon check into the period when Ellah Joy Pique disappeared according to the Security Chief for the hotel.

”I have reviewed surveillance photos and confirmed that the couple checked in at 16.45 on Tuesday 8 February”, says the Security Chief Jonathan C. Ho.
The cameras should have captured the murder accused Norwegian and his fiancee.
Check in time is also confirmed by the communications manager at the hotel Maebelle G. Varron.

”We hope our information now can help to resolve this issue” says Varron to VG Nett.

The Waterfront hotel is located between one and two hours drive from where the kidnapping occurred.

Many surveillance cameras

There are a number of surveillance cameras in the hotel lobby area, in the elevators and in hallways. The Security Chief has no doubt that the couple were on site the afternoon six year-old Ellah disappeared.

”They arrived in a taxi when they checked in and took a taxi from here the day after when they checked out”,said Jonathan F. Ho.

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