Police Chief Fired After the Norwegian-Filipino Arrest

The Philippine Island’s governor has fired the police chief who led the investigation in the Norwegian-Filipino case.

Governor Gwendolyn Garcia was unhappy with Chief of Police Erson Digal’s efforts whilst investigating 6-year-old Ellah Joy Pique’s abduction and murder two weeks ago, reports NRK.

Senior police Officer Digal allegedly did not consider facts given by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). The NBI checked the Norwegian-Filipino couple’s alibi, which has so far shown they are innocent.

The Governor fired him Following a 45 minute-long meeting. He announced his resignation the same evening.

“There is nothing I can do when the governor no longer has confidence in me”, said Mr. Digal after he emerged from the meeting smiling, according to The Cebu Daily News.

Meanwhile, Sven-Erik Berger and his Filipino fiancée Karen Castro Esdrelon, who had hoped to be released from custody today, now face a further period of approximately one week.


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