Stormy Viking Cup Finale

It was an unexpected end for the Viking Cup match yesterday as the KL Vikings played against their opponents the Hong Kong Vikings.
The KL Vikings were leading with 1-0 as the score during the first half of the game before the rain started pouring heavily down. This, however, did not stop the players from giving the game their all. They continued playing through the rain before the storm got worse as though to put a definite end to the game. As the conditions of the weather worsened, the players and spectators had to run with their belongings to the shelters within the Harrow’s International School.
Later that evening, the winners were announced at the gala dinner which was a split win between the Singapore Vikings and the Bangkok Vikings (Team 2). There was a lot of cheering and jeering alike as the winners went up on stage to collect their win.
The winning teams chanted their individual team chants and received golden hats acknowledging them as the champions of the Viking Cup 2011. The third and fourth place went to the Shanghai Vikings and the Bangkok Vikings (Team 2) respectively.
Making the evening more interesting, each team was dressed according to a theme and some wore costumes that made them stand out more than others. The Singapore and KL Vikings dressed as cheerleaders, the Hong Kong Vikings in white sailor uniforms and Jakarta Vikings wore fedoras as a elegant touch to their formal attire.
Later, the Jakarta Vikings were announced to be hosting the Viking Cup 2012 and were invited on stage to give a performance. They said that the tournament next year will take place in Yangon, Myanmar. They also included a rhyme as a little tribute to the Bangkok Viking Cup. The rest of the night was spent with many exciting and entertaining events including the Beer Drinking competition.
A Thai band, Unicorns, who usually play at the Titanium bar, is an all-girl band which then took over the stage and entertained the crowd with their lively performances.

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