Viking Cup Beer Galore

As it is a Viking Cup tradition, every year after the long string of matches with various opponents, the one affair all the players practically wait for is the Beer Drinking Competition.
This year was no different. As the Viking Cup 2011 Gala Dinner began at the Pullman Hotel, it yet again made its mark as the specialty and focus of the night.
As it commenced with the Shanghai Vikings taking their place to kick off the competition, the audience stood up to watch in anticipation which team could top others in the speed drinking contest.
In the end, the three finalists were the Hong Kong team, Shanghai team and the Beijing team. Initially although the Shanghai team was leading with the highest speed, they were disqualified later because of excess beer in the glass, more than the judges had preferred.
Finally, with 31 seconds, the Beijing team had won.
They also had the Women’s Beer Drinking competition. The difference was that they were required to drink in smaller quantity and with lesser members to a team.
The five teams that competed were Singapore, Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing and Jakarta. Singapore women’s team walked away winners with 21 seconds as the winning time-count.
It was a satisfying end to a tiring and focused two days of competing with each other. Everybody was able to relax and enjoy other teams in good spirits.

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