Mascot Plans to Hire 1.300 Extra Workers in Vietnam

Denmark’s biggest work wear producer opens one more sewing factory and brings new technology to Vietnam to secure a massive increase in capacity

The Danish work wear producer Mascot International A/S plans to more than double its staff in Vietnam in the coming months.

“We have experienced a strong growth in the past, and we need to make a big increase in capacity to meet customer demands,” says Michael Grosbøl, CEO of Mascot International A/S.

Mascot Vietnam currently has approx. 1.100 staff at its factory in Hai Duong province. The existing factory has been extended to make room for another 300 workers. In order to further increase efficiency the factory has been equipped with a state-of-the-art production feeding system, designed by the Swedish company Eton.

Mascot Vietnam is the first garment factory in Vietnam to invest in such high grade transportation systems.
In the beginning of June Mascot Vietnam will open a second sewing factory in the near-by Dai An Industrial Zone.

“In order to get a quick start, we have rented an existing building of 7.000 m2, which is currently being modified. Production will start in June, and we plan to have another 1.000 staff working there by then end of the year,” says Thomas Bo Pedersen, managing director of Mascot Int. Vietnam.

Mascot started its own factory in Vietnam in 2008 and has attracted attention for its highly efficient production systems, with approximately 1.8 million pieces of high quality work wear garments a year.

The company has since then received several awards from the Vietnamese authorities for its commitment to corporate social responsibility, including labour standards, which have been named a role model for investors in Vietnam. 

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