Bang Phra 2011 – A Tour for the Few Chosen

Story by Henrik Friis
The yearly Bang Phra ride was scheduled on Saturday 23 April 2011 arranged by Finn Sorensen. I don’t know if it was because the previous trip have scared the otherwise brave Vikings, confusion on dates (we never changed it), the outlook for rain or some of the Vikings still had a hangover from New Year. The fact was that from originally 10 persons signed up. Finn found himself standing alone with Willy, until The President showed up with the family 5 minutes after the official kick-off time.

The Friis family got the bikes assembled and very soon everyone was on the road heading over the main road with direction to the Chinese cemetery, after a few adjustments of chains, saddles and wheels the group picked up speed over the hills, Martin doing the biggest job pushing his daddy so they could stay in front, With the hills and daddy’s weight it soon became to much for the young man and he had to give up after 5 km, and daddy had to do the job alone and after another 5 km Simon also gave up and joined Martin for snacks in the car.

The 3 older Vikings continued under highway 7 and up though beautiful roads and hills in the around the area of Khao Kiew Golf Club before having a pit stop at 20 km.

The President got first out of the pit stop but apparently he was so satisfied with his own achievement that he missed a right hand turn, and after turning around on all the soi’s the president found out he was lost, but not for long as Finn and Willy knew the president and cut across the country to catch him at a un-authorized pit stop, trying to find an excuse for getting in the car. Finn got the team in the right direction and nobody got lost on the winding road to 2nd pit ptop at 33 km.

Simon and Martin decided that it was time to go on the bike again and apparently Martin had got some potato power chips as him and his daddy suddenly was in front most of the way over high way 7 bridge and around the Bang Phra reservoir, Willy did his best to catch up but Martin ensured that the turbo was on and the Friis team stayed in front. The old Viking God Thor decided to send the Vikings a greeting as it suddenly started to rain and thunder, but this didn’t scare then hard core Viking and they decided to give heck with the saying “Viking don’t bike when it rains” and continued with high speed until they reached the main road. Finn didn’t think team had got enough exercise and troubles so he tried to take them though the ditch, but Willy took the lead and got all directed safely around the U-Turn and over on the other side and Thor also decided it was enough and stopped the rain.

Safely on the other side Finn was again allowed to lead the team, and he took them though the small Bang Phra fishing village, along the beach with the oyster farms and local ship yards which build wood ships the old fashioned way, before taking the hills up to main road and back to Jaan Paa restaurant to a well deserved shower and lunch combined with green carbohydrates for the 3 older Vikings.

Next event is Admirals rides at Pattaya for the 2 day trip on 28th and 29th May – to be announced soon on

You can see more from our tour in Photos section.

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