Buddhist Manuscripts Returns to Norway

Since November last year the collection, dating back to a period between the second and eight century, has been on public display at Buddhamonthon Park, Nakhon Pathom. The scripts originates from the region which is today Afghanistan. A team of scientists led by Prof. Jens Braarvig have with great care meticulously pieced together and deciphered the scripts written by monks more than 2000 years ago.  

This week the end of the exhibition was marked by a grand ceremony presided over by H.R.H Princess Somasawali and His Holiness acting Supreme Patriarch Somdet Phra Phuttacharn Buddhacharya. However, a piece of the collection was donated by Martin Schøyen to the Wat Saket temple, as a token of the strong cultural bond between Norway and Thailand.

This collection does not only represent the importance of cultural heritage, but also the collaboration between countries and exchange of expertise to preserve priceless artifacts.

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