Norwegian Consul General Visits University in Shanghai

Norwegian Consul General in Shanghai Bjørn Blokhus met with Zhang Wenjun, vice principal of Shanghai Jiaotong University, at the university’s Minhang Campus. During the meeting, the two men discussed possible avenues for Sino-Norwegian cooperation in the educational sector.

Zhang offered a warm welcome to the Consul General, after which he gave a detailed introduction to the university’s rich history. He also pointed out that Shanghai Jiaotong University considers internationalization as one of its development strategies, and that it has established partnerships with many famous universities around the world, including the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Zhang further stated that the visit by the Consul General would facilitate cooperation and exchange between Jiaotong and Norwegian institutions of research and higher learning.

Consul General Blokhus expressed his sincere thanks to Zhang for his warm reception. The Consul General then praised Jiaotong University as being both a university of international renown and one of China’s foremost institutions of higher learning. Jiaotong University is also the most important Chinese partner university of NTNU. Consul General Blokhus also pointed out that there is enormous potential for cooperation between the two parties, given that Norway is a leading nation in the fields energy and maritime (deep sea technology in particular), while Jiaotong University on the other hand has a strong research profile in the aforementioned areas.

After the meeting, Consul General Blokhus visited the Research Senter of Solar Power & Refrigeration at Jiaotong University, and attended a lecture by famous Norwegian-based architect Robert Greenwood for a crowd of students and teachers at the Jiaotong School of Naval Architecture.

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