Finnish Food Week 2011 in Singapore

Text by the Finnish Embassy in Singapore / Photo by Yahoo News Singapore
For the Finnish Food Week 2011 in Singapore, the Goodwood Park Hotel’s award-winning European restaurant, Gordon Grill, is hosting a New Finnish Cuisine Promotion by Guest Chef Kim Palhus.

Chef Palhus’s “A Taste of Finland” menus and á la carte selection are served from 4 June to 11 June. The diners are presented with a 4-Course Set Lunch and a 6-Course Degustation Dinner, as well as an á la carte selection of appetisers and a main course.

The meeting of east and west in Finland has been a source of wealth for the country’s culinary culture. Ever since the Middle Ages, novelties from the west have come to Finland via Sweden and from the east originally from Novgorod. Today gastronomic experiences, inspiration and new ideas are taken from all over the world and then combined and applied to create a truly original Finnish cuisine. Fish, game, forest mushrooms and wild berries – pure ingredients with striking flavours – form the basis of Finnish gastronomic culture, and the four seasons, each with its own food varieties, bring their own contributions.

The Finnish Food Week will be an excellent opportunity for Singapore to savour dishes that feature authentic seasonal Finnish produce such as reindeer, cheeses, and smoked seafood. Chef Palhus has given these traditional produces a refreshing twist by preparing them with Continental cooking techniques and the guests will receive a delicious carte of New Finnish Cuisine.

Chef Palhus is the Chef and Food & Beverages Development Manager of Hanasaari, the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre in Espoo, Finland. He is an experienced chef with a versatile, international background. He has also previously worked at the Finnish Embassies in Washington and Strasbourg.

Lunch is served between 12noon and 2.30pm, and dinner between 7pm and 10.30pm. For enquiries and reservations, you can contact the Gordon Grill at +65 6730 1744.

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