Drug Case Against Kim Roger Eriksson Sirawan Postponed

Hope, fear, love and despair were all present during the day in the 7th floor courtroom on Ratchadapisek Road.

The drug case Thailand vs. Kim Roger Eriksson Sirawan, or prisoner no. 9041 as printed on his prison clothes, continued today, Friday 17 June 2011, in the Criminal Court Bangkok.
The day ended about 3 p.m. when the defense asked the court to postpone the trial. The defense has not been able to locate a certain important witness and they asked for more time to do so. The court accepted the enquiry and set the next day of the trial to be the 11th of August.

Mr. Eriksson Sirawan told his story
At about 10 a.m. today Mr. Eriksson Sirawan took his place in the witness chair in the middle of the courtroom given the chance to tell the his story what happened in the house in Rayong back in 2010. He told about the day in June where the dramatic operation took place leading to his arrest. The operation involved about 40 police forces and even some medias were present to film the operation. He explained how he was informed just after his arrest, that the operation was coordinated by the US, Sweden and Thailand, and that the American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent told him “if you don’t tell us everything, we will hand you over to the Thais and they will make an example of you”.

Mr. Eriksson Sirawan told the agent that he did not know anything about any drugs. He told the court that, when arrested, he asked repeatedly “where is Thomas?”. He asked the court to have a look at the footage previously broad casted on Thai Channel 3 and Channel 7.

”I understood immediately that this was a set up. A set up by Thomas Lilius,” Mr. Eriksson Sirawan explained the court.

Mr. Eriksson Sirawan accused the Swede Mr. Thomas Lilius to be an agent provocateur for the US DEA and the Swedish Police. He told the court that the defense was able to deliver hard proof that Mr. Lilius was paid by the Swedish Police.

The prosecutor asked Mr. Eriksson Sirawan about his intention setting up the laboratory in his home. Mr. Eriksson Sirawan explained that he believed it was to be used by Mr. Lilius to produce steroids, not drugs.

A touching scene found place during the lunch break. Mr. Eriksson Sirawan was able to hold his daughter in his arms and the 14 month old Taeya spoke the magic word – daddy. For the first time, according to one of Mr. Eriksson Sirawan’s friends.  It was quite obvious that this incident triggered some emotions among his family and friends.

No complaints about Thai Police
Mr. Eriksson Sirawan told the court that he has only received a fair, polite and respectful treatment by the Thai police force, and that he was told by a Thai policeman investigating the case, that it all was a set up by the DEA.

NASU – The Swedish National Anti-Corruption Unit
Mr. Eriksson Sirawan told the court that NASU has provided evidence showing Mr. Lilius worked as an undercover agent and that the set up was planned by DEA and Mr. Lilius in Stockholm back in 2008. At present NASU is running an investigation on Mr. Lilius’s involvement with the Swedish Police, he told.

He also told that a lot of lies was distributed about him on the Internet, that he was a member of a motorcycle gang and that he had earned a lot of money on drug dealing.

“They try to present Thomas Lilius as a special agent. He is not. He is a criminal used to do the dirty work for the police,” Mr. Eriksson Sirawan said.

The prosecutor
It seemed that the prosecutor was not that interested in the story about DEA and the Swedish Police. He focused on asking Mr. Eriksson Sirawan about the hard evidence, about the equipment and chemicals found in his home and Mr. Eriksson Sirawan did not argue about the findings. The prosecutor also asked if Mr. Eriksson Sirawan had any documentation that he, as claimed, was employed as a real estate supervisor with a monthly pay at 100.000 Baht. The defense told the court that such proof was available.

Mr. Chakrit Parameedireklap, one of Mr. Eriksson Sirawan’s defense lawyers, told ScandAsia right after the trial was postponed:

“We presented all our witnesses except for the most important one. That is why we asked the court to postpone the trial. The prosecutor had no objections and we are happy that the court agreed to postpone the trial until August 11. Hopefully we will be able to present our most important witness by then,” he said.

To be a witness to Mr. Eriksson Sirawan’s struggle in the Criminal Court seemed to be tearing experience for his family and friends present during the four days.

“I was really hoping that we would have been able to bring Kim home with us today,” his mother said.

Mr. Eriksson Sirawan’s father seemed very touched when his son was removed from the courtroom by his guard. A hug to each person supporting him before he left called for tears from all involved. After a family talk in the hallway, ScandAsia talked to Mr. Eriksson Sirawan’s father.

“I am very happy that the court seemed to accept all our evidence and that they allowed us two more month to collect more evidence to prove that my son is not the one to blame for all of this,” Janne Eriksson said.

Tomorrow, Saturday, friends and family will return to Sweden. The next two month will be quite busy for all of them trying their best to assist Mr. Eriksson Sirawan.

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