Vietnam: Gender Mainstreaming in Danish Assistance

Assessment of the 2010 Gender Mainstreaming Plan for the development programme in Vietnam showed satisfactory results. Given the phasing out strategy for traditional development programme by 2015, gender mainstreaming will focus on sustainability.

Gender has always been one of the important cross-cutting issues in Danish development assistance. Every year, an annual gender plan for all development programmes is developed by the national programme implementing agencies based on their priorities and resources.

The programmes often apply a wide variety of interventions to promote equal right, equal opportunities and equal access for women. The most common activities in many programmes are gender training, development of gender checklist, monitoring female participation in technical training courses and programme activities, etc. On the other hand, some of the actions are unique to a particular programme such as promotion of female management in the Business to Business programme.

A recent assessment of the 2010 gender plan in Vietnam showed that 92 pct. of the annual targets were achieved and 68.5 pct. fully achieved. In general, all the programmes have increased their rate of fulfilment, especially the Agriculture Sector Programme Support and the Environment Programme.

Given the phasing out strategy of the Danish traditional development programme in Vietnam by 2015, it is important that the 2011 gender targets concentrate on sustainability. While direct interventions are still important, all the programmes will focus on interventions that help yield more strategic and longer impacts in the programmes such as mainstreaming gender into sector policies or Monitoring and Evaluation system.

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