Important Report About the Vietnamese Environment

The launching ceremony of Vietnam National State of Environment 2010 Overview Report took place on 10 June. The report gives an overall and comprehensive assessment of environmental issues, challenges, and shortcomings over the past 5 years.

The great economic development in Vietnam over the last decades has lead to increasing pressures on the environment. The increasing pollution of the soil, air, and water as well as the growing amount of waste has had a severe impact on human life. Respiratory diseases have increased significantly due to air pollution, and untreated sewage from industrial enterprises is led directly into rivers killing their animal life.

In his opening remark, Minister Pham Khoi Nguyen said that environment in urban areas, industrial zones, craft villages and key river systems nationwide has been more polluted, and the public increasingly expressed their concern over this problem. Although economic growth has contributed to general development of the country, environmental pollution is a key challenge to overcome in the coming years.

As the Vietnamese economy continues to develop, the pressure on the Vietnamese environment is likely to increase. The 2010 State of Environment Report aims to overcome this challenge by providing decision makers with a comprehensive analysis of the environment sector based on empirical evidence as well as up to date information on environmental management in the country.

The Danish Ambassador John Nielsen mentioned in his interview that the report is important in the Vietnamese government’s efforts to improve the environment stating: “I hope the findings and recommendations will lead to concrete action with an aim to strengthen the environmental management and sustainable development in Vietnam”. Denmark has proved economic growth can go hand in hand with environment management, and he looked forward to further strengthening collaboration with Vietnam in areas of climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The State Of Environment Report is published annually; each year with a different theme. Denmark has supported the development of the reports since 2005.

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