Ole Laursen in Asia’s biggest Mixed Martial Arts Event

Ole Laursen, a Danish-Filipino Muay Thai champion, will be headlining what is set to become Asia’s biggest MMA event, in ONE Fighting Championship 1 this September. The show will be held in the 12,000 capacity Singapore Indoor Arena.

The event will be available to over 500 million households all over Asia, along with the online viewers world wide.

Ole Laursen, a veteran of over 50 kickboxing fights, says that such a big stage doesn’t phase him. “The bigger the crowd, the more it motivates me to do my very best,” he said in an interview with BloodyElbow.com, “I love big arenas, and the crowd going nuts. I will do all I can to deliver the best fight, and to please the crowd. There’s going to be thousands of people there, and even more will tune in to watch this. I’m thrilled to be headlining.”

Laursen is going against Folayang, a multi-titled Wushu expert who has been showing off his wares representing the Philippines’ biggest MMA promotion, the URCC. Laursen cherishes an opportunity to face a fellow champ, and as the days inch closer to his bout against his gritty opponent, he he’s not taking things lightly.

“I will be ready for the later rounds if it goes that way. I can’t just train for an early win, I have to be ready for wherever the fight may go, even if it means a full on war that goes the distance.” Laursen expounded, “Folayang is a warrior. He deserves respect and should be continued to be treated as a warrior regardless of how this fight goes. I am not treating this fight like I am the top dog. He is 9-1 – way more experienced in the cage than me, so the way I see it, I am the underdog”,  Ole Laursen said to bloodyelbow.com

A great mindset heading into the biggest fight of his MMA career.

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