Beware! The trolls are coming to Singapore

The Norwegian film will be shown at the 24th Singapore International Film Festival on 20 September at Lido 2 at 19:30.
‘The Troll Hunter’, made in the form of a mock documentary (mockumentary), is written and directed by André Øvredal and features well-known Norwegian comedians Otto Jespersen, as the Troll Hunter, Knut Nærum and Robert Stoltenberg.
‘The Troll Hunter’ is the story of a young film crew exposing the Norwegian Government’s monumental efforts to hide the sensational news that trolls actually exist in Norway, and has done so over millenniums.
While filming their first documentary, Thomas and his camera crew stumble upon a mysterious loner, whom they decide to follow. Unwisely, as it happens, for Hans works for the top secret Troll Security Service, and a rogue troll Ringlefinch is on the loose.
The film is part comedy, part horror with impressive visuals. It is filled with humour and witty comments, and parallels to old Norwegian myths about trolls. The thrilling mockumentary is ready to persuade you that trolls do exist.
For more information, please look up Singapore International Film Festival.

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