Media Reports About China Unbalanced: Danish Professor

Western businesspersons and scholars are increasingly requesting constructive introspection from their media and politicians rather than the typical knee-jerk reaction of using China as a scapegoat for problems.

Mammo Muchie, a professor at Aalborg University in Denmark, said objective attitudes toward China are vital for the younger generation, since countries will need to cooperate with each other in an increasingly multipolar world.

“We don’t need to flatter or condemn China, but rather understand China,” Muchie said.

Yaw Shin Leong, a member of Singapore’s parliament, said the “key to managing challenges in a world where China is increasingly prominent may be an appreciation that all actors may have to work consciously and actively on coordination and mutual accommodation”.

“A rising China cannot address major regional and global economic shocks on its own,” Leong added. “Sound global governance and coordination is essential.”


2 Comments on “Media Reports About China Unbalanced: Danish Professor”

  1. I agree China must be seriously taken and studied. The record shows China has reduced in the shortest time in human history beginning reformist leader Deng. It is also engaged heavily in Africa in various ways including infrastructure building and manufacturing. Whether this benefits a specific African country depends if partnership is based on good governance. China needs incentives to continue to reform toward improved human rights and environmental record.


  2. I personally travel between ASIA and Africa 2 or 3 times a year and have done so since my first visit to Beijing in 1997. Very involved with the southern China regions and I can confirm the need to understand China better at all levels. Perceptions and negatives derived from historical or “hearsay” data are not only harming the Africa/China relationship but also the future of a better world order for all. Everyone needs to engage in a real, open and positive manner to benefit all involved as we move forward

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