Swedish cop convicted after sex bribe attempt

An officer with the Swedish border police in Västra Götaland was convicted Wednesday for offering a female asylum seeker to ”forget about her case” in return for sex and drugs.
”It feels like I have been given the satisfaction of having the court believe in me,” the victimized woman said to local paper Borås Tidning (BT), after the verdict came in.

According to BT, the man had been in trouble as early as 2003 when he was convicted of drunk driving and drug offences.

After a few years on a desk job he was once again reassigned and put in charge of the deportation of asylum-seekers who have had their applications rejected.

In 2010, the woman contacted him to find out whether the flight of her husband, who was due to be deported for life for serious drug offences, could be delayed by a day so that the whole family could say their goodbyes.

The officer reportedly came to Borås to meet the women, groped her and told her that if she could get him some amphetamines through her husband’s connections and sleep with him, he’d move her husband’s case to the bottom of the pile.

Later, dirty calls and text messages started to arrive.

”I am so horny, are you,” the man texted.

The man denied the allegations during the trial but the court ruled in favour of the Borås woman.

”It feels amazing. Considering my family’s background I really didn’t think that I had a chance against a police officer,” said the woman.

The man also stood accused of pressuring another woman from Borås for sexual favours.

Although the court believed him to be guilty of this offence as well, they did not see it as proved beyond reasonable doubt that he had committed a crime against her.

The man, who is in his sixties, had already had his employment terminated following a decision by the National Swedish Police Disciplinary Board (Rikspolisstyrelsens Personalansvarsnämnd) in May 2010.

“We regard this as serious and want him to be dismissed without delay,” said Johnny Calvin, a lawyer at Västra Götaland police, to the TT news agency at the time.

The court on Wednesday convicted the former officer of sexual harassment, conspiracy to drugs offences and dereliction of duty.

He was given a suspended sentence and will have to pay damages of 15,000 kronor ($2,200).

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