Special foods for special religious events

Each single religion suggests particular foods to be eaten on particular days of the year. So, for Christians we can see a lot of different foods to eat on Christmas time: from meat to special cakes, like the Italian Pandoro and Panettone.

In England, special religious events are welcomed with special foods that are prepared and eaten during the main festivals, very often together with relatives and friends.

Actually, religious festivals are always a nice occasion to meet people whom we can’t see very often due to distance. The sense of love and the pleasure to share the same meals on the same table show up in all their fraternity and beautiful feelings.

Special foods: the top English foods for festivals

Each single special day of the year has its special food: this tradition is very appreciated in the UK and each single family enjoys the festival days for the possibility to eat very good foods and dishes. Here, we list the main foods on the main festival days of the year.

Shrove Tuesday: pancakes are the main cake recipe you can find for this special day.

Good Friday: on this day most English people use to eat hot cross buns and fish dishes. Fish is also eaten in all Christians families of the world on Good Friday.

Fish based dish

Easter Day: the popular image of Easter Sunday shows up always decorated eggs and chocolate eggs. As a meal, roast lamb and chicken come onto the table, being considered the traditional meat for Easter due to its religious connections.

Christmas Day: this is probably one of the most known Christian festivity of the world. On Christmas, English people use to eat turkey, vegetables, stuffing, bread sauce, cranberry sauce and gravy. Christmas is the birth of Jesus, so a cake will always find its place on the table at the end of the meal. In England, the Christmas pudding flaming with brandy is the most popular kind of cake on this special day.

Where to learn to cook special foods

Sometimes, the idea of preparing a special food can scare those who haven’t a great confidence with cuisine. However, learning to cook is something really cool and interesting and you should simply follow these easy video recipes to learn the basic dishes of the English tradition. You can also find more cuisines and dishes from all over the world to increase your panorama and your personal knowledge in cuisine.

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