Finnish support to NGO´s in Malaysia

The Embassy of Finland has “Local Cooperation funding” to support local non-governmental organizations. At the moment the Embassy of Finland provides financial aid to six Malaysian organizations which operate on the fields of human rights, education, democracy, and protection of the environment.

One of the organizations supported by the Embassy of Finland is Wings Melaka which arranges schooling for children with developmental disabilities and special needs. Since October 1998 Wings Melaka has provided “Early Intervention Programme” for pre-school children.

Later on they started “School Age Programme” for children with learning difficulties. The most recent project “Young Adult Programme” started in June 2011 and its main focus is to provide education to young adults aged 18 to 25 with developmental disabilities in purpose to help them get employed and live independent life. The Embassy of Finland has targeted “Local Cooperation funding” to the new “Young Adult Programme” in purpose to refurbish their new premises.

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