HuahinDK Networking

In the evening of 14 October 2011, the members of HuahinDK showed up at Mondo Vino for the monthly networking. There were about 50 participants. This time there were many newcomers. See more photo click here

“First I didn’t expect that there would be so many people this time because some are in Denmark and it is raining heavily today,” Steve Laursen told ScandAsia about this networking
“But there are still many people here. There will be bigger group in November and December.”

At the event, many small activities were arranged such as the book group where they can borrow books and return in the next networking, wine testing, and jewelry presentation.  Therefore the participants could enjoy around. Another big discussion among the participants was the serious flooding disaster in Thailand.

The party ended about 10 pm but the rain was still pouring.

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