Finnish Aroma Marketing Firm Smells Success in Thailand

The Finland-based aroma marketing company, KA Aroma Marketing LLC, hopes its new technology will energise Thailand’s printing and packaging industry by stimulating advertising with its low cost, according to Bangkok Post on November 4 2011.

The company is to enter Thailand this year, expecting newspapers and magazines can attract more advertising by offering something new media cannot.

The technology used reduces the cost of aroma impregnation printing by almost 90%, according to a company spokesman.

The low-cost aroma printing is being rolled out in Europe and the United States. The cost is only 30% more expensive than traditional printing.
The hope is that the ability to offer consumers a sensory experience will lift the sagging fortunes of magazines and other print publications.
Magazines for years have carried perfume-scented ads but now consumers will be able to smell coffee, shampoo, toothpaste, or the grass of a football pitch while looking at an ad, the spokesman said.
Research shows a strong link between scents and brand identification and acceptance, he added, noting that in recent sensory marketing studies, the sense of smell emotionally affected people 75% more than any other sense.
The product has light-sensitive, photo-electric slow release, which makes the scent last longer.

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