Two Danes Busy Helping Flood Victims

Thailand Direct Flood Relief is founded by two Danes, Bo Kristensen and Jakob Lykkegaard Pedersen, in order to bring supplies of food and water to flood victims.

”The idea started out of the blue – we sent our first boat to my family living in the badly flooded area, Pathum Thani.. We needed to find a way to get to them, as they had received zero aid from the government supply boats. We needed to take action”, says Bo Kristensen.

The campaign and the trips are managed and operated entirely by the founders and their crew, all supplies are being bought personally by their own team, and the concept is no middle men, no delay, no profit, according to the founders.

On Facebook, Thailand Direct Flood Relief has set up a donation and information site documenting all the trips with photos and postings, and donators can follow the trips and food drops.

The next mission is planned on Sunday 13th where the boats will be leaving for Pathum Thani area again.

”This time, with the donations received so far, we hope to be able to send larger boats with larger quantities of food & water”, says Bo Kristensen.

More information about Thailand Direct Flood Relief can be found here:

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