Scandinavian celebrities fight it out

Five celebrities each from Denmark, Norway and Sweden arrived this Wednesday near Tengah island on Malaysia’s east coast.
     Their mission: to compete for 30 days in a star-filled version of the reality TV show Robinson which will be aired later in the Scandinavian countries.
     Sweden’s celebrity team consist of former wrestling champion Frank Andersson, standup comedian Mårten Andersson, actress Tilde Fröling, singer and model Denise Lopez and the multi- talented artist Peter Wahlbeck.
     Two of Denmark’s five are tennis player Frederik Fetterlein and musician Saseline Sorensen.
     Politician Jan Simonsen and boxer Ole Klementsen are among the five Norwegians.
     Whatever skills they all possess the challenge they know face is of a completely different kind from their daily encounters back home.
     All participants are set ashore on a deserted island. There they compete for weeks in various ways and basically live on what they can find, catch and eat in the jungle.
     Pressure on individuals is high but this is most of all a team exercise and members meet regularly to vote out participants until a winner is selected.
     Robinson is one of the most popular TV series ever aired in Sweden, where it was created by the production company Strix.
     The format is exported to the US where it is called Survivor.

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