Danish Ambassador to China Participated in Making Binzhou Greener

On November 23rd 2011, Friis Arne Petersen, Danish Ambassador to China, participated in Shandong Binzhou 2011 in Beijing to accelerate the implementation of ‘yellow-blue’ – two national strategies to make the city of Binzhou greener.

Binzhou city government has officially committed to a development plan for the Yellow River Delta Area, to develop eco-industries and recycling economy, as well as the implementation city of Blue Shandong Peninsula Economic Zone Development Plan. Both of these plans are national level strategies.

Earlier this year, the Danish Ambassador to China led a Danish Green China delegation to Binzhou, and they were impressed by the achievements on urbanization and sustainable development made by Binzhou.

In his speech, the Ambassador expressed, that the implementation of ‘Yellow-Blue’ would bring new opportunity and developing space for Binzhou.

“As Binzhou’s old friend, Danish Embassy will put all efforts to help Binzhou speed up this development; bring more Danish companies and technologies to make joint efforts for Binzhou’s transformation to green development,” the Ambassador, Mr. Friis Arne Petersen said.

Total RMB 12.57 billion of contract was signed in this event.

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