Self-Service for Schengen Visa

As of 3 January 2012, the Danish Embassy in Singapore, Hanoi and Hong Kong will be part of the Danish Visa Self Service website (VSS). Through the website, applicants for Schengen visa can fill out the visa application form online.

The VSS website explains a step-by-step method of what documentation is required and how to file in an application. Applicants must print out a cover letter from the website, sign it and submit it, along with all the required documentation to the Embassy.

Processing of an application will only begin after the cover letter and documentation are submitted. The website facilitates online credit card payment option and applicants need not worry about using this option as it is a secure site.

For the submission applicantrs are strongly recommended to book an appointment on the Visa Self Service website. The option for this will pop up after completion of the application form and payment procedure.

Heading to the embassy without booking an appointment may cause a considerable amount of waiting time as those with booked appointments would be given priority.

Although it may cause uneasiness as applicants are used to more flexibility and convenience when applying, limited resources have required these steps be taken, the website explains.

The VSS does not support applications for residence and work permits. Applicants who wish to apply for these will have to enquire at the embassy for what procedure is applicable.

The VSS website: Please note that this is a secure https site.

Info on where and how to apply:


The Visa Self Service is already up and running. You can type in your application now. However, first available appointment is on 3 January 2012.

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