New government, same immigration practices?

Phatteera, a seven-year-old girl from Herning, was on the verge of being deported to Thailand last week when incredulous citizens, a lawyer, and a local politician stepped in at the eleventh hour and convinced the Justice Ministry to review her case.

To anyone following Danish family reunification cases over the past couple of years, the fact that the government planned to forcibly separate a seven-year-old from her mother, sister and step-father and send her halfway across the world, where she has no-one to care for her, was not shocking. No, the shocking part was that it was the new, left-of-centre government that was doing it, writes Jennifer Buley in a news ccommentary and perspectivation piece in Copenhagen Post.

The case of the seven-year-old Phatteera – as well as two other cases involving an eigh-year-old named Ripa and and a 13 year old boy Sirapat – is currently under review by the Justice Ministry. Phatteera and Ripa have been allowed to stay in Denmark until their appeals are decided. Sirapat was deported to Thailand in March.

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