Christmas Celebration at the Norwegian and Swedish Churches in Singapore

The Norwegian Seamen’s Church and Swedish Church in Singapore celebrated Christmas this year by having fun with all those who were present.

It was a truly a time of fun and cheer as the Christmas service began in the afternoon of 24 December led by Eva Marie Jansvik, the Norwegian Priest and Lennart Uddling, the Swedish Priest.

More than a hundred people came together for the service on Christmas day to a mass led by the priests and sang carols together. The lunch after mass gathered everyone as they chatted and had a good time.

A hearty Christmas meal was served to all after the service was over. Christmas songs were playing as all those who wanted to dance around the Christmas Tree did while waiting for Santa Claus to arrive and give gifts to all the children there.

The Swedish Priest, Lennart Uddling, said that it was a good time for those of all ages.

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