Former prisoner arrested for raping Norwegian tourist


The police arrested a-33-year-old man who is a suspect for raping a Norwegian tourist at Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand during the weekend’s Half Moon Party on Sunday, May 12 2019.

According to the police, a-26-year-old Norwegian woman reported that she was raped by an Asian man after she returned from a half-full moon party at Koh Pha Ngan, Surat Thani. When she arrived at “Good Time Resort”, where she stayed at about 2am, she found that her wallet was gone. She then went out for seeking her missing wallet along with her male friend but they failed to find the wallet.

Constantly seeking for her wallet alone by herself after her friend excused himself to go back to the resort, the woman went straight to the party where she just left to trace back her path. Instead of reuniting with her wallet, she found a man on his motorcycle who volunteered to help her find what she was looking for.

After a short ride, the man was not heading in the right direction but turned into an alley opposite a Big C store in a wooded area. When she realized something went wrong, she told him to stop but he refused to do as told. Leaving her with no option except to jump off motorcycle, the man parked and returned to rape her before running away. The police said the incident scene was only about 100 metres from her resort.

The woman filed a complaint with the Pha Ngan police station on Sunday morning, adding that she had accidentally dropped her blue locket, pink navel ring and fashion nails at the scene while she was fighting with the suspect.

Police immediately headed off to search for the suspect and eventually have arrested a motorcycle repairman, Raewat Harnsuwan, aged 33. The police reported that Raewat or “Mos” was a former prisoner who had been jailed for dealing drugs and was just released from the prison less than one month before he committed another crime.

Bangkok Post reported that the Norwegian tourist arrived in Thailand through an immigration checkpoint in Krabi province on April 17. She visited Bangkok and met her elder brother there. Both arrived on Koh Phangan on May 4.

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