Acclaimed Danish Actor makes world debut in China

Ulrich Thomsen (center left) and his crew at the Shanghai International Film Festival (Presse photo).

One of the most acclaimed actors to emerge from Scandinavian Cinema in the last decays, Ulrich Thomsen, now tries his hand at directing. Recently his first directorial work, In Embryo, had its world debut in China during the Shanghai International Film Festival from June 11 to 19. In Embryo was nominated for the festivals main award, the Golden Goblet Award for best film.

Thomsen attended the festival and on this occasion he was interviewed on his new film to the Chinese media, Global Times, in which he was labeled as “one of the Europe’s most acclaimed actors”. In the interview Thomsen declared that he was honored to be in Shanghai:

“Knowing how many films are being made around the world and how many are submitted to all the different festivals, I am very pleased to have been chosen. It started out as my baby and now has grown into something that can stand on its own legs.”

Thomsen made his international breakthrough as the James Bond-villain, Sasha Davidov, in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough (1999). His debut film though falls far from the glamorous 007 films. In Embryo is considered an “art film” that tells a twisted love story between Sean, a drug dealer (Ross McCall) and Lilly (Kristen Hager), a heroin addict.

It could be the plot of any drama around the world, but Thomsen hopes his “Danishness” shows in the film.

“I am Danish by tradition. I think we bring this personality wherever we go. I didn’t deliberately try to shy away from that. I don’t think this story works on a social commentary level. I hope I bring my own personality to the film.” he told in the interview with Global Times.

Chinese director Liu Jie’s De Lan won the Golden Goblet for best film. Among other winners where Finnish filmmaker Antti Jokinen who was picked as best director for Flowers Of Evil.©òL

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