adidas and Hyper Island support future data talents

On 3 May 2013, global sports good industry player adidas has announced “The adidas Fellowship for Future Data Talents”, a scholarship fund for international students. The scholarship is developed in partnership with digital learning institute Hyper Island, and established to support and nurture tomorrow’s talent within data driven strategy and marketing.

Hyper Island currently runs seven full time learning programs and has campuses and offices in Sweden, Singapore, UK and in the US.

For the last years, data has been part of driving innovation and development across industries; from health care to retail, from business to communications. Several sources* state the growing need for digital data experts, which is why Hyper Island introduced the Digital Data Strategist program last year, aimed to bridge the growing talent gap across the world.

Data driven strategy and marketing opens up for endless possibilities for companies, societies and people; for one thing, brands can get to know their customers better and thereby optimise relations, services and products, having consumer dialogue and user utility in focus. By issuing a scholarship for Hyper Island’s Digital Data Strategist program, adidas wants to support this exploration and be a part of developing the next generation of data driven talent“, said Paulo Ziliotto, Sr Network Marketing Manager at adidas.

adidas invites interested prospective students to apply for a 60-week fellowship in the Digital Data Strategist Program at Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden. The fellowship includes subsidized tuition and the opportunity to collaborate with industry thought-leaders in an environment that mirrors the workplace.

The successful recipient will learn to bridge the technological side of data analytics with the communicative skills of design, storytelling, and entrepreneurship, getting prepared for a career as Digital Strategist, New Digital Planner, Data Storyteller and more.

We are proud to present this scholarship together with adidas. adidas have been collaborating with us and our students before, and we are excited to pursue that partnership further. The field of digital data is truly interesting, and what we’ve seen so far is just the beginning; we look forward to further support the next generation of data experts” said Johanna Frelin, CEO of Hyper Island.

The adidas Fellowship for Future Data Talents will begin accepting applications from 3 May until 10 June 2013. Applicants that have already applied for international (non-Nordic) seats for the Digital Data Strategist Program 2013 at Hyper Island will also be offered to apply for the fellowship. For more information about application requirements, please visit

* examples of sources covering the growing data industry and competence needs;  Deloitte Tech Report 2012  and NY Post




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