No corona virus patients found in the Nordic countries

All individuals, that Denmark, Sweden and Norway have tested for the corona virus have so far tested negative, meaning that they are not infected. Regardless, the patients will be kept in isolation as the symptoms of the virus can show later. Norway will conduct another series of tests Friday February 7, 2020.

Every test to identify the corona virus were done on patients, who had travelled in the province of Hubei in China and could have been infected with the virus. Denmark has tested 11 patients while Norway has tested 20 patients for signs of the virus.

Every one of the 12 tested patients in Sweden has also been tested as ‘non-infected’ – one patient is currently not tested yet and therefor kept in isolation at a hospital in Jönköping. The patient has been reported as a woman in her 20’s. She is currently not showing serious symptoms but will be kept in isolation until she safely has been considered ‘not infected’, reports Aftonbladet.

“Many of the Nordic patients suspected of being infected with the coronavirus have been isolated only because of the danger of possible infection, and not because they were ill to such an extent they needed urgent medical attention”, says the director of The Serum Institute of the State of Denmark Kåre Mølbak.

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