Angry Birds to publish 10 Chinese books, launches cartoon series

Fans of Angry Birds are now able to watch Angry Birds cartoons around the world as part of a move by Rovio Entertainment to expand into various segments, its senior vice president.


Starting from March 17, fans can watch 52 weekly Bird Toons adventures via the Angry Birds application after updating on Apple’s App store, said Andrew Stalbow, executive vice president of Rovio’s strategic partnerships.

According to NPR, the animated series has storylines similar to the old Tom and Jerry cartoons, and that Rovio hopes to create a “Looney Tunes of the mobile generation.”

“They’re very unique birds,” Stalbow said of the characters, “each with very special powers, each of which get very upset and aggravated by the very rascal-ish pigs who’ve stolen their eggs. There’s a whole infrastructure to the pigs’ world. They live on an island that has amazing stories to tell.”

The new Angry Birds series will also be shown on international TV channels in Australia, Korea, Indonesia, Finland, France, Germany, Norway and Brazil, and through Comcast’s Xfinity service in the U.S.

‘Angry Birds’ Books in Chinese 

Finland-based Rovio, the developer of the Angry Birds game which has garnered over 1 billion downloads globally, also planned to publish 10 Chinese-language books together with local partners by the end of this year, Henri Holm, Rovio’s senior vice president in charge of Asia business, told Shanghai Daily in an exclusive interview.

“We have found a lot of opportunities here (China) to expand our business, in various segments (from cartoon, book to theme park),” said Holm.

China is Rovio’s second-biggest regional market with almost 150 million downloads.

Watch the Angry Birds Toons’ first sneak preview here:

Source: Shanghai Daily

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