Art opening with depth

The art exhibition Depth & Deception featuring artworks by Danish painter Charlotte Donvang and Pakistani photographer Ahsan Qureshi was launched recently by Danish Ambassador to Malaysia HE Mr. Nicolai Ruge and the Acting Pakistani High Commissioner to Malaysia Mr. Nadeem Khan at the Westin Kuala Lumpur and witnessed by 150 people.

DepthDeception_001“What better example of bridging the global diversity of cultures and customs than when a Dane and a Pakistani from different cultures, of opposite sexes and using different means of expression, decides to team up as artists in a third country, Malaysia, to explore the depth and perception in our lives”, said HE Mr. Nicolai Ruge in his opening speech.

Some 150 guests including the Swedish and Belgium Ambassadors to Malaysia enjoyed a spectacular art show where East is meeting West in a melting pot of paintings and photography and profound messages.DepthDeception_021

The exhibition themed Depth & Deception is the culmination of 7 months work by Ms. Donvang and Mr. Qureshi and it is portraying their take on the depths and deceptions we meet in our lives. The exhibition works with the drama between our own presence and what could be when we allow ourselves to see different layers of life, of people, of things around us and most importantly, different layers of ourselves. The different pieces of artwork play on us probing our perceptions about ourselves and encourages us to dig deeper into our own discovery of self as we discover facets of the art. Ultimately, the artists hope to get the viewers of their artworks to ask themselves “Who am I?”

The exhibition is open every day 24/7 until 31 October 2013 and can be viewed at level 1, Westin Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang.

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