Asian skilled workforce to benefit from Finnish fast track service

Finland’s fast track service allows specialists, growth entrepreneurs and their family members to obtain a residence permit within 14 days.

The service was launched at the beginning of June. This service pledge is one of the Government’s many measures to streamline the immigration of experts.

The fast track is a service pledge aimed at experts, growth entrepreneurs and their family members, which enables them to receive a decision on a residence permit application submitted electronically within 14 days. The changes that the fast track requires in legislation and the service processes have been completed and the service will be launched on 1 June 2022.

“The global competition for skilled labour is fierce. This fast track service is one way to increase Finland’s attractiveness and facilitate international recruitment. A smooth permit process will be a help for both the experts and the companies hiring them,” says Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen.

Finland’s objective is to significantly increase the immigration of specialists. For this reason, the Government has, in addition to the fast track, launched a number of other measures to ease work-based and education-based immigration and to make Finland a country that attracts and retains international talent.

“Shortage of labour is already slowing growth in many sectors and regions. Fixing this problem requires a wide range of measures, one of which is work-based immigration. Our aim is that the average processing time for all work-based and education-based residence permits will be 30 days by the end of the parliamentary term,” Haatainen adds.

The introduction of a long-term, or national, D visa for experts, growth entrepreneurs and their family members is also an essential part of the fast track service.

The D visa supports the implementation of the 14-day service pledge in that specialists, growth entrepreneurs and their family members can travel to Finland immediately after they have been issued with a residence permit. It is no longer necessary for the applicants to wait for a residence permit card abroad. Instead, they will receive it in Finland.

“It is great that the national D visa can now be introduced as part of the fast track. In the near future, other groups, such as researchers and students, can also make use of the D visa. The Government is currently preparing legislation with regard to these groups,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto.

The fast track was prepared in broad-based co-operation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). Many other authorities were also involved.

“Finland’s objective is to have a balanced immigration policy in which work-based and education-based immigration play a significant role. We will continue our efforts to speed up and streamline permit processes and to increase the employment of those immigrants who already reside in Finland,” says Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen.

Migri, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Finnish missions abroad are responsible for providing practical advice about the fast track to experts and companies.

Source: Finland Abroad

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