Asians find work in Greenland despite high unemployment rate

Photo: Christine Zenino @ Flickr
Photo: Christine Zenino @ Flickr

Despite the high costs of transportation and administration Asians are taking over unpopular jobs in Greenland’s service sector.

As Greenland struggles with an unemployment rate of about 10 percent, Asian workers are getting jobs in the country, Copenhagen Post reports.

Foreign workers, especially of Asian origin, are hired within the local hospitality and service sector.

At a restaurant in Nuuk, the country’s capital, guests are often served by a waitress from Thailand. Hotel rooms are also cleaned by Asian labourers rather than local citizens.

Foreign labor is costly
The chairman of the catering trade association, Helge Tang, explains that getting personnel from abroad is both costly and cumbersome.

“We have to pay for their travel costs, accommodation and boarding. There is also a lot of administration that takes time to process. So, if we could hire local workers, we would,” Tang noted.

According to Copenhagen Post, the problem with hiring locals are poor work ethics and refusal of taking certain jobs.

Read the full article: Copenhagen Post

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