Breakthrough order to Singapore for Swedish X-ray systems

Sweden-based Arcoma, a leading provider of integrated digital X-ray systems, has together with its distributor and Canon won a breakthrough order to Singapore.


One of Singapore’s most reputable academic hospitals, the National University Hospital, has selected Arcomas most advanced systems Precision at its radiology department. This will be the first delivery of a system to Singapore, worth approximately 650 000 SEK.

Arcoma has thus quickly had breakthroughs on the three strategic markets in Asia, also including South Korea and Hong Kong.


“It was with pleasure we received the news that we won the contract to the National University Hospital Singapore. It feels amazing that we have managed to sell the Precision to yet another tough market in Asia. Managing to do this with Singapore’s perhaps leading university and in fierce competition with large global players feels especially good. We now have yet another showcase for Arcomas world-leading digital radiology system for the entire region, “said Peter Reinli, Asia Director at Arcoma.

National University Hospital is perhaps the largest regional center in specialist treatment medical, surgical and dental treatments in Singapore. The hospital also conducts organ transplants.

Arcoma, with extensive industry experience, is a leading provider of integrated digital X-ray systems with high quality and advanced technology. Arcomas products offer the latest digital image processing technology combined with technologically advanced mobile positioning system, which along with ergonomic Scandinavian design offers the customer complete, configurable and functional digital radiology systems. The Company’s products are sold through resellers and through OEM customers and there are now over 2500 of Arcomas X-ray systems installed worldwide.

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