Camilla Engström, a young Swedish artist and her exposition in Bangkok.

Camilla Engström was born in Örebro, Sweden in 1989. From a very young age, she was very interested in fashion and studied Women’s fashion at the Institute of Technology in New York.

She started to paint and draw as a child, but never studied art formally, but studied about the fashion world.

After a while, she understood that it was not really what she was burning for and wanted , so she started to expriment with making art.

She made illustrations, founding a charecter she named “HUSA”, her alter-ego, a deliciously plump fuchsia-skinned non-binary being. The scenarious encountered in Husa’s world are exciting and fascinating with the knowledge that Camilla uses her work as a kind of diary.

The scenes are based on her own experiences. Don’t hesitate to check out her book “Dick Book”. It depicts a world of nudity. Log in to Instagram “A book of Dicks”,

From here on she went painting. Asking her if someone has influenced her, she rapidly replies ; “My mother did so. She is a woman who embraces her “silly sides” and she has always encouraged me to do the same, to be free to express myself.”

Now she has her first exhibition in Bangkok at Gallery “OVER THE INFLUENCE” managed by another young talented Camilla.

This is not her first exhibition, as she has had several Selected Group Exhibitions in New York, NY, USA 2016 at Pussy Power, and The Frankie Shop.

In 2017 Visible Range at Deli Gallery, New York, NY,USA to be followed by Sweet Cheeks at Big Pictures Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA in 2018.

In 2019 Spring Break Art Show LA, at Hilde Gallery, Los Angeles,  and 2021 Stockholm Session, Carl Kostyal, Stockholm, Sweden.

She has also had some Solo Exhibitions since 2016 in New York, Los Angeles and Stockholm and now it has become Bangkok’s turn to exhibit her  work.

The modern, elegant gallery OVER THE INFLUENCE is delighted to showcase her art with opening on November 25th. The exhibition will go on until January the 6th 2023.

Asking Camilla about her future plans, she says; “I’d like to find new ways to engage a broader audience and I’m very excited about the possibility of some interactive pieces in the future.”

The gallery Over The Influence was founded in Hong Kong in 2015, expanded to Los Angeles in 2018 and in 2021, the 3rd gallery opened in Bangkok. The galleries support artists and the infrastructure of artists where they are living and working, while offering them global opportunities through the various gallery locations. The gallery in Bangkok is located in Talat Noi, just in front of the city landmark that was built as a “Gateway” with Chinese architectural details to signify the multicultural relationship between the Chinese and Thai Communities.

Camilla Russel is the PR & Marketing Director of Over The Influence since its opening. Camilla has more tha 10 years experience in business development and art management. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Thai. She has a journalistic background which makes her confident in writing and research skills. She easily establishes good relationships with clients and artists.

Don’t hesitate to visit the gallery and experience Camilla Engström’s paintings and have a chat with Camilla Russel. The two Camillas are an unbeatable combination.


Over The Influence

81 Talat Mit Road

Tlat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok.




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