China calls for political solution to Syria crisis

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has called for restraint and calm from all parties in the escalating Syria conflict.

In an interview quoted by the official Chinese news agency Xinhus, Foreign Minister Wang Yi says a political solution is the only way out of the situation, and that outside military intervention runs counter to the principles of the UN Charter. Wang notes that China is opposed to the use of chemical weapons and it supports the UN inspectors conducting a professional investigation into their alleged use.

Since the Syrian crisis broke out in 2011, China has always held the principle of respecting the sovereignty of Syria and consistently opposed interference and sanctions.

In October 2011, China vetoed a UN Security Council resolution, saying it opposes armed intervention in Syria. In February 2012, China again vetoed another UN resolution condemning Syria. In March 2012, former Chinese ambassador to Syria, Li Huaxin, visited the country as a special envoy, urging all parties in the country to halt violence and embark on dialogue.


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