China, Denmark sign agreement on police co-operation

Denmark and China signed an agreement on future co-operation. The two countries will help each other in areas like human trafficking and drugs.

The Chinese and Danish police forces reached a historical agreement when they agreed to co-operate in crime areas like cyber crime, economical crime, human trafficking and drugs, the National Danish police said, in a press release according to the news agency, Berlingske Nyhedsbureau.

“The agreement is an important step in a time where the interaction, not at least the trade, between the two countries are increasing, and undoubted gradually generating more criminal cases, and where the crime in general is getting more cross-frontier than earlier. That makes this a special day in many ways,” said National Commissioner Jens Henrik Højbjerg in the press release.

The Chinese went to Denmark to sign the agreement, and the fact that they travelled all the way to Denmark underlines the good relationship and the mutual confidence, which exist between Chinese and Danish police forces, the Danish Police said.

As one of the first countries in the world, Denmark sent police officers to China already six years ago. Since then they have contributed to built up the good relations with the Chinese authorities.

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