Chinese buy Danish mink farms

According to Kopenhagen Fur, within the last year at least five Danish mink farms have been bought by Chinese investors, and this is a new tendency.

“We haven’t seen this sort of interest from the Chine investors before. It happened within the last six months where several Danish mink farms have been bought and there is a boom in Chinese interest,” says Palle Høj, who is chief consultant in the consultant agency, Heden & Fjorden to Dagbladet Børsen.

President of Kopenhagen Fur, Tage Pedersen, is proud that there is such an interest from the Chinese.

“It’s a huge recognition of the Danish mink farmers,” he says.

So far, whenever the Chinese have tried to establish mink farms in China by importing mink from Denmark and other countries, the attempts have failed.

“The Chinese don’t have the right fodder, the right climate or the necessary know-how, and that’s why they have been unsuccessful in starting their own production. The development we see now is a sign that the Chinese have realized that they can’t breed mink on their own.”

The farms which the Chinese have invested in still have a Danish management and the investments are welcomed by President of Kopenhagen Fur, Tage Pedersen.

“This is a good thing both for the Danish mink business but also for the Danish economy in general because it keeps production in Denmark and therefore securing Danish jobs,” he say.

6000 people are employed in the Danish mink industry which last year generated 10.6 billion DKK.


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