Finns Initiate Surf House Phuket On Kata Beach


Introducing flowboarding to tourists and locals at an all-in-one entertainment venue.

With Finnish Raya Group as initiator and among the investors Surf House Phuket was launched in December 2012. The Opening Bash then followed on 26 January 2013, showcasing flowboarding by international board riders as well as the rest the venue has to offer.

Surf House Phuket brings to visitors an interesting array of leisure activities such as surfing or bodyboarding on the FlowRider, lounging in a relaxed atmosphere enjoying the Surf House signature cocktails, dining as well as a stylish retail with the surf brands Quiksilver and Roxy.

“What we want to achieve is to make Surf House Phuket a playground for people from different age groups. We have designed the place in a way that it really doesn’t matter if you aren’t riding the waves. Even if you are simply having a cocktail by the bar or just exploring the retail store, you will not feel out of place at Surf House as there’s always something for everyone to experience,” General Manager Joe Ang said to ScandAsia.

“It’s a huge draw for the folks here on Kata Beach. Most of the people hanging out on the beach is looking forward to some excitement and getting wet at some point so it helps us a lot that we have a great location and everyone who comes up from the beach has a good chance of noticing us.”

Passionately promoting surfing as a sport, the setting in the picturesque Kata Beach, Phuket forms a natural playground for surfers and family-type visitors alike. Supported with a modern and fully equipped bar and kitchen, Surf House Phuket is set to host up to 200 guests at one time. Visitors can expect creative offers of signature cocktails concocted by professional mixologists as well as contemporary Thai cuisines and tapas.

Visitors and resident can also also look forward to many unforgettable party nights in 2013, according to Joe, where DJ’s will entertain.

The FlowRider (patented technology from the U.S) is the centerpiece of Surf House Phuket, where the Double FlowRider surf machine pumps water at the speed of 30km/hour over a vinyl surface. Riders can choose to ride the wave standing up on a ‘flowboard’ or either drop-knee or lie down using a ‘bodyboard’. With dedicated instructors guiding the riders every hour, the FlowRider offers a fun surf experience that most people can master (the basics) and enjoy within an hour.

Flowboarding as a sport has exploded into the Asia Pacific market in the last two years with regional competitions and world championships held annually. Surf House Phuket is poised to welcome regional riders and also host top level competitions for the sport in the coming years.

“We are definitely going to get involved with the regional flowboarding events and at this moment we are grooming locals to be proficient in this sport first before taking the serious turn into competitive flowboarding.”

“The Russian and the Scandinavian markets are huge for us during the high season, and other significant markets are the middle-Eastern tourists, Australians, and regional Flowboarding communities in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan.”

The feedback so far has been amazing. They have many repeat visitors and most of them are impressed with the standard of instructions provided on the wave as well as the quality of the food, reports Joe.


Compared with the popular wakeboarding sport, flowboarding incorporates elements of surfing, bodyboarding, skateboarding, skimboarding, snowboarding.

“It provides a neutral environment that allows board riders of different discipline to apply their sport in it. Its definitely different in both tricks and style that the rider expresses. What is also unique about Flowboarding is that its performed on a static sheet wave so we really like it that its economical in term of space required for this sport,” says Joe.

Surf House Phuket & Community has also been founded, with the primary mission of Surf House Phuket, to serve the local community by promoting the sport to the local children and grooming talented individuals.

Local owner Mr. Wallop comments: “Outreach to these children is important as it shows them a positive option to live their life. I see many kids with potential in surfing in this community so Surf House Phuket will be the breeding ground for not just the next generation of surfers but also leaders that are role models for other kids to follow.”


Text: Joakim Persson

Photos: Joakim Persson

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