Chinese investments save Danish jobs

In Denmark in 2012 688 jobs that were set to be cancelled were saved by foreign investments. The Asian investors were the big players and especially China saved many Danes from unemployment through investments. Many of the investments are a result of the work of Invest in Denmark, a part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Invest Denmark seek out potential foreign investors and aid them in getting information regarding opportunities of investment

Chinese Titan Wind Power is an example of a new foreign company that saved jobs when it in the summer of 2012 took over a factory from Vestas in Varde and insured the pay checks for 120 workers who were set to lose their jobs.

Danish Minister of Trade and Investment, Pia Olsen-Dyhr (SF) are pleased with the results of Invest in Denmark.

“On behalf of the Danish government, I am very pleased the growing Asian markets are success. No less than 22 Asian companies have come to Denmark with assistance from Invest in Denmark. 14 of those are from China,” says Pia Olsen-Dyr

Another positive effect is that the entire country benefits from the investments and workplaces. The saved jobs are spread out across the country benefiting all areas.

“All of Denmark is affected by the economic crisis and all over the country there is a need for more workplaces and the foreign investments play an essential role,” the minister explains.

Source: Danish Foreign Ministry