New ambassador for Thailand, HE Vimon Kidchob meets with Danish-Thai association


On Wednesday, February 6, about 34 members of  the Danish-Thai Association and Danish Business Association had the chance to meet the new Thai Ambassador to Denmark, HE Vimon Kidchob in Asia House, Copenhagen. A fantastic place with a great history and atmosphere for such a meeting. Interesting questions ranging from involving the younger generation more, to business oriented topics such as maintaining growth in Thai tourism with increasing competition were asked.

The strong and friendly relationship between Thailand and Denmark was also mentioned. The new ambassador reminded that one should be careful not to take it for granted.

That led to comments on the young generations that does not have the same experiences like being stationed, learning to love Thai culture and people the same intensive way. As for the young Thai generation what they relate to Denmark is milk.

How to maintain and develop the relationship also for the future? The efforts of the Thai tourism business has brought 22 million guests to Thailand in 2012. Of those, 160.000 were from Denmark with many of them as returning visitors. The reason is not only attracting white beaches but also the warm hospitality of the Thai people. Despite the advantages, Thailand faces more and more competition from other exotic places. HE Vimon Kidchob stated that maybe this could be reached by the warm-hearted Thai way of welcoming guests to the country among others. Maybe the personal approach and culture is the way to further develop the old friendship, and even involving the young generation. The speech was followed by a delicious Thai buffet with authentic flavour.This can always bring ‘Thai veterans’ and newcomers in the right spirit.



Text and photos by Hans Siegfredsen