Chinese music resounds through Finnish parliament

Harmonious folk music from an ancient Chinese harp reverberated Wednesday afternoon through the main building of Finnish parliament, a place often packed with tiresome arguments. This is part of a special seminar on the building’s first floor, which features colorful activities such as music, tea ceremony and Chinese calligraphy.

Lipponen Paivi, head of the Finnish-Chinese Friendship Group, said they held such a seminar to tell people what a beautiful culture China has. Proud of her 10 visits to China over the last 10 years, Paivi stressed the importance to showcase the grand nature and rich culture of the Asian nation.

Chen Wen, the political attache of the Chinese Embassy, said: “Maybe not all of you can visit China in person, we will try to bring it here to the parliament.”

Chen also gave a brief introduction to the latest developments in China, especially two highways — the high speed rail way system and the information highway.

Paivi said: “Many things are happening in China and we are interested in Chinese situation and how we could do some cooperation together.”

She believed the activities, attractive to dozens of lawmakers and civil servants, would help them better understand China.

Paivi was echoed by Chinese ambassador Huang Xing, who underlined in a video speech the significance of cultural exchanges between the two peoples.

Wednesday’s event, named “China Day,” was the first of its kind in the history of the Finnish parliament. It was one of a series of events each featuring one country. The nordic country has shown much interest in exporting clean energy technology to China.

“If China thinks there is something in Scandinavia and Europe to be learned, it’s really a great thing,” Paivi told Xinhua. “We need cooperation and investment in innovation.”


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