Christmas bazaar is an all year project


The hard working Christmas bazaar group of ladies in the Norwegian Church promise loads of beautiful handmade stuff when the Christmas bazaar is taking place on 9-10 November.

Every once a week the Norwegian Church in Singapore hosts a group of women who struggle to ensure that the shelves at this year’s Christmas bazaar are in full stock.

Together with 15-20 other women Annika Jerkfelt has been spending every Thursday during the year producing Christmas stuff to the bazaar to be held in November. As the year goes by the boxes get filled up with red knitted elves, decorated miniature Christmas trees with wooden feet and many other colorful handmade things.

“We start as early as possible, most likely in February” Annika Jerkfelt tells.

Aside from being very productive throughout the year, the women also spend the Thursdays having a good talk, she tells.

They do it for free, but while the women work with the Christmas stuff on the first floor of the Church, the kitchen staff down stairs is cooking the Thursday lunch. In return for the Christmas work, the women can join the lunch for free.

All the women promise loads of beautiful handmade stuff and hope to see as many as possible, when Christmas comes to the Norwegian church on 9-10 November.

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